COVID 19 UPDATE 01/11/2020

The latest Covid-19 restrictions will not significantly change how we work.

Acupuncture treatments and behaviour assessments can take place indoors or outdoors with appropriate social distancing and PPE. We ask you to have just one person present and to wear a face covering. We continue to offer holistic consultations, behaviour assessment and treatment plans, and puppy support by phone or video. Holistic consultations and acupuncture are also available at Companion Care Vets Eastbourne.

Please see our News page for the services we can currently offer and our Facebook page for helpful advice.

Holistic Care from an Experienced Vet


Four Seasons Holistic Veterinary Care provides professional complimentary veterinary care to pets in East Sussex.

Holistic Veterinary Care looks at the whole animal when making a diagnosis and devising a treatment plan. The holistic approach aims to bring the whole animal back to health rather than just treating symptoms.

Holistic therapies combine well with conventional treatments, and in many cases conventional drugs are essential to success. The whole animal is treated with one or a combination of the wide range of treatments available.

Worried about conventional drugs?

A common long term aim of Holistic Veterinary Care is to reduce  the use or dose of conventional drugs. Our therapies can also increase the effectiveness of drug or help animals cope with their side effects when drug therapy can’t be stopped.

In other cases we offer treatments where no conventional drugs are available or where an animal has complex symptoms.


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All patients must be registered with a primary care veterinary practice for conventional treatments and emergency care. Patients can only be treated on referral from the primary care vet.