Q: Do you prescribe Homeopathic Remedies?

A: No. While many owners and some vets feel these are effective we prefer to use therapies with scientific evidence to support their use.

Q: Why must my pet be registered with a conventional practice?

A:  Although we carry basic First Aid supplies we are unable to deal with emergencies so your pet must be registered with a conventional practice. In some cases we may recommend diagnostic imaging or blood tests which will be carried out at your Primary Care Practice.

Q: We live in another part of the country. Can you treat my pet without seeing it?

A: It is important that we examine the animal and talk to the owner as well as seeing your vet’s notes to prescribe safely and accurately for your pet. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to prescribe a herbal formula after consultation with your Primary Care Vet. Usually we will try and put you in contact with a local Herbal or Holistic Vet.