Cats are wonderfully secretive creatures and are experts at hiding the symptoms of chronic pain from their owners.

I’m sure most cat owners would notice an obvious limp but how about these more subtle signs?

  • Long, brittle claws; cats need to be able to stretch out to scratch their claws properly.
  • Changes to behaviour or routine; reduced mobility may mean your cat sleeps in different places and pain may mean she sleeps for more hours a day.
  • Dull, scruffy, matted coat; if a cat can’t groom herself properly the coat soon suffers.
  • Reduced activity; owners may notice their cats can’t jump on and off furniture or don’t want to hunt or play.

I think my cat is in pain! What can I do?

Visit your Primary Care Vet to get your cat checked out. Be prepared for your Vet to take blood to check her kidney function and for hyperthyroidism which can cause similar symptoms.

Your Vet may then prescribe pain relieving medication or…

Acupuncture for cats!

YES! Acupuncture works really well for cats and is well tolerated by the majority with no side-effects.

Cats seem especially sensitive to the effects of acupuncture and usually respond to a small number of needles. Most relax and enjoy a good chin tickle for the 10-15minute session.

For more information or for referral first speak to your Primary care Vet then call us on 07958 142959 or email

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