We are pleased that there is finally a roadmap for England to come out of lockdown. However, this does not mean we are back to business as usual and will not be for some time.

We do not plan to take on new clients for home visit acupuncture, problem behaviours, or herbal medicine until June 2021.

We will be continuing to support our existing clients taking the precautions which have kept us safe over the past 12 months.

Limited appointments are available on Wednesday mornings at Companion Care Vets in Eastbourne. Please contact the practice directly on 10232 649315 (be patient, they are very busy!).

We will also continue to offer a phone/ Whatsapp consulting service where this is appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding during what has a been a prolonged difficult time for us all.



The worsening Covid-19 situation makes it impossible for us to take on any new clients for home visits for acupuncture, behaviour consultations, or holistic consultations.

Our Vet Vicky Payne has taken on extra hours at Companion Care Vets in Eastbourne to help ease the pressure that splitting the team in two is causing . Emails, texts, and messages will only be dealt with on Thursdays and Fridays.

We will continue to provide support for existing clients, and may be able to offer assistance by telephone in some cases.

Thank you for your patience.